Tru Eye by Johnson & JohnsonEye Care Professional vs. Internet?

1. Prescription Change 

If your prescription changes, and you have unused boxes or lenses in your old prescription and they have not expired, bring them back and your eye care professional  who will exchange them for the new prescription.

2. Availability 

We can’t promise that we will have your prescription in stock all the time, (we will try) but we carry stock of most prescriptions.  Give us a call, you can probably pick up your contacts the same day.

3.  Freebies- Introduction to New Technology

Contact lens companies supply samples of new products, with the expectation that eye care professionals will supply them to patients.  We know that our role is to keep you up to date with new technology and improvements in the contact lens industry. When it is time to replace your lenses, expect your eye care professional to share new products.

4.  Shop Local

Local businesses provide local jobs and contribute to the community.  Supporting local merchants support your local economy and ensures that local merchants remain a viable component of the local economy.

5.  Regular Reminders About Eye Exams

Your eye care professional will keep you up to date with reminders about the need for a regular eye exam.