Below is a few of the wonderful testimonials we have received from our happy customers. Here at Robertson Optical & Optometry we strive to make every experience a memorable one. For top quality eye care & service, in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere make sure to check us out in store or give us a call and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.


“I received my prescription eyeglasses just last week from Robertson Optical & Optometry.  I am very far-sighted and always hoped to get a progressive lens with no distortion on the sides.  A very knowledgeable optician explained a new digital progressive lens designed by Zeiss.  Of course, I was a bit skeptical.  One week later, I had a fantastic surprise, I have never had better vision with my progressive lenses, and I am very happy with my new frames as well.  I was truly impressed and told my friends about my terrific experience.”        Hans


“I paid a visit to Robertson Optical & Optometry and was treated to great help from the staff there.”

Tom S.


“I bought my sunglasses at Robertson Optical & Optometry.  I like the service I received; the staff adjusts and fixes my sunglasses whenever necessary, which is something that you can’t get at the sunglass stalls at the malls.”        James S.


Inside our Store at 5405 Ladner Trunk Rd

Robertson Optical & Optometry

“Attractive store – friendly people – great service.”

Monica C.


“A friend  recommended Robertson Optical & Optometry.  I had my eyes checked by an optometrist at the same time that I ordered my glasses.  I needed progressive lenses and was a little hesitant.  With a good description of what to expect, I went home feeling positive.  A week later, I picked up my new glasses and had no problem what so ever adjusting to my first progressive lenses.  I can only recommend the staff at Robertson Optical & Optometry.”          Joanne


“My parents and I have been happy customers of Robertson Optical & Optometry for 6 years and counting.  Jeannette is a very accommodating person, and when our glasses need fixing for any problem, she is very helpful.  I will absolutely recommend her to any friend of mine that is in need of eyeglasses.”  Ethan M. (9 years old)


“It is fortunate when you can find a business that not only offers a quality product but also has exceptional people to sell that product.  Such is the case at Robertson Optical & Optometry.  The glasses are superior in workmanship and current in design.  However, what keeps me coming back (10+ years) is the fact that when Jeannette greets you and asks “How can I help?” it is with sincerity and comes with a guarantee that Robertson Optical & Optometry will do it’s utmost to make you a satisfied customer.”     Myrna