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March – 2019

Blue Light Filter – ($30.00 Value)  At No Charge


Below is a list of our latest specials & deals. Every month we offer amazing discounts and deals to our customers. Make sure to check back frequently so you can take advantage of our latest promotions!

January Savings –  2019

40% OFF ALL FRAMES with the purchase of prescription lenses.  See our great selection of frames.

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Special Savings – Kid’s Eyewear

Lenses at NO CHARGE  with the purchase of FRAMES.  Extras Excluded.  See store for best selection.

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Kid’s Eyewear – Great Savings – Lenses At No Charge with the Purchase of Frames.  Hurry in to see our selection.

Are You Suffering From Digital Eyestrain?


Are You Suffering From Digital Eyestrain?

Many people who have a need for reading correction only find it difficult to function in the work situation, where they require the eyes to focus on reading, computer and in the distance.  In some cases, they are prescribed progressive lenses, which may not be ideal.  This month our focus is on promoting the office lens.  This lens gives you the ability to see at reading range, (16-20 inches), and at the computer range (3 feet) and depending on the design of the lens, either up to 5 feet or up to 14 feet in the distance.